Range Energy Announces $23.5 Million in New Financing to Accelerate On-Road Decarbonization with Electric Powered Commercial Trailers

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Decarbonizing road freight with electric trailers

Date: Wednesday, 13th March 2024

Format: Virtual panel discussion

Duration: 1 hour



Powertrain technology is, not surprisingly, at the heart of all heavy truck decarbonization strategies. However, innovative trailer technologies are gaining traction that can accelerate the transition to more sustainable trucking by reducing diesel consumption and extending the range of electric trucks.

  • What is an electric trailer, and how does it enable more sustainable and efficient road freight?
  • What is the overall impact on the environment of using an electric trailer?
  • What is the status of real-world electric trailer adoption, and how will it evolve over the next decade?
  • What are the main challenges to electric trailer adoption, and how can they be overcome?