Range Energy Debuts Its Next Generation Electric-Powered Trailer System, the RB-01, at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo

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Ali Javidan is a hands-on engineer with a history of leading pioneering teams at Tesla, Google, and Zoox. As an early hire at Tesla, Ali built the very first Model S and was responsible for early-stage testing and development for all vehicle programs. Prior to founding Range Energy, Ali architected the prototyping and experimental operations org – xOps – at Zoox, supporting the ground-up development of all vehicle platforms at the company. At Google, Ali led the ATAP Skunkworks team where he filed 15 patents in the areas of micro-machining, additive manufacturing, and robotics, and supported the development of the Soli radar chip, Jacquard conductive textiles, and Tango mapping tablet. Ali spent his early career at Caltrans and as a racing team engineer, and currently serves as a venture partner at R7.