Practical electrification

We’ve designed our powered trailers to deliver maximum fuel savings and emissions reduction, with minimal impact to existing operations.

Hook up and go

Our powered trailers can hook up to any tow vehicle and immediately give you dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Even if you forget to plug them in, our trailers will still carry your cargo safely to its destination.

On the road in 2023

Regulations and net-zero commitments are rolling out faster than available solutions. Our powered trailers will be available, at-scale, in time to help you meet the ambitious decarbonization timelines we face, and accelerate your transition into an electric future.


Massive fuel savings, no change in cost

We can reduce the headaches of your ever-growing diesel bills. Our powered trailers reduce diesel consumption and tailpipe emissions by 41% in combined city/highway driving. All this, with no increase in your cost-per-mile.

Helping you get back home

As on-highway charging infrastructure gets built out, it can be difficult to plan routes and predict charging costs. Range’s powered trailers extend the distance your EV trucks can drive between charges, giving you more operational flexibility.

We’re hiring

Change the World With Us

You’re joining an innovative team working hard to usher in the next generation of mobility.