Range Energy Announces $23.5 Million in New Financing to Accelerate On-Road Decarbonization with Electric Powered Commercial Trailers

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Range RA-01

RA-01 was designed to reduce diesel consumption during yard operation, at the dock, while idling, and in a multitude of other scenarios. The trailer’s electrification platform and equipment set-inclusive of an e-axle, battery pack, and smart kingpin – provides power to auxiliary devices, enables zero-emission precooling with TRUs, provides the ability to move trailers with reduced emissions, and increase the overall uptime of tractors.

Top level Specs

200 kWh

Energy capacity
800 volts

350 kW

14,000 Nm

19 kW (10.5 hrs)

AC Charging
350kW (45 mins)

DCFC Charging

Onboard power

Bringing trailers to life

Range accelerates the electrification of commercial transportation via powered trailers for the heavy duty truck market
  • 30-40% lower diesel spend. 0% increase in operating costs.
  • Compatible with any and all tow vehicles, they use only standard interfaces.
  • TRU ready

Range RA-01

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